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Zhejiang Liown Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

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Electrician Taizhou, Zhejiang Full-time specialist and above Over 3 years Recruit 1 person 2019-06-04 >

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for routine maintenance, planned maintenance, and maintenance;

2. Responsible for construction supervision, distribution line installation, etc.

3. Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all internal electrical equipment.

Job requirements:

1. Good health, under the age of 45;

2. 2 years of work experience, with an electrician certificate;

3. Have high maintenance electrical expertise, familiar with safety regulations and operating practices

4. Have high discipline, responsibility, execution, language skills, and learning ability.

Interested parties please send your resume to: hr@liownsemi.com Please indicate in the email that you are applying for XX position

Purchase Taizhou, Zhejiang Full-time specialist and above More than 5 years Recruit 1 person 2019-06-04 >

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the preparation of expenses related to the procurement department.

2. Establish and improve the working standards and management procedures of the company's procurement department, and supervise and check the implementation.

3. Develop an annual procurement plan based on past data and the company's strategic objectives, provide advice and information support for major procurement decisions, and prepare procurement budgets.

4. Optimize the procurement plan, reduce the cost of procurement, and control the procurement budget.

5. Develop procurement resources to maintain product dynamic information and technical innovations of suppliers of the resource library.

6. Do a good job in material information work, establish a solid and reliable material supply network, and open up and optimize supply channels, establish material supply files, and deal with coordination and suppliers.

7. Strengthen communication and coordination with all departments of the company, and deal with the abnormal situation of material supply or the temporary adjustment of the task.

8. Complete other work items assigned by the superior leadership.

Job requirements:

1. Full-time college degree or above.

2. More than 5 years of purchasing experience.

3. Strong communication skills, good psychological quality, quick thinking, and strong resistance to stress.

4. Skilled Office software operation ability, strong writing skills

Interested parties please send your resume to: hr@liownsemi.com Please indicate in the email that you are applying for XX position

Process and production management Taizhou, Zhejiang Full-time specialist and above Over 3 years Recruit 1 person 2019-06-04 >

Job responsibilities:

Microelectronics, automation, electronic information and other professional priority, providing five insurance and free accommodation (double room in separate bathroom), providing employees with safe and convenient dining welfare canteen

Job requirements:

Microelectronics, automation, electronic information, etc.

Interested parties please send your resume to: hr@liownsemi.com Please indicate in the email that you are applying for XX position

Application engineer Shenzhen Full-time specialist and above Over 3 years Recruit 1 person 2019-06-04 >

Job responsibilities:

1. Majors in electronics, semiconductor, electrical automation, motor control, automotive engineering, etc.;

2. More than 2 years of power semiconductor MOSET; Thyristor Triac FAE work experience; background of R&D engineers; or R&D engineers willing to join the FAE team for priority

3. Ability to recommend suitable devices according to customer's product testing requirements; Assist sales personnel to promote products; Responsible for product design in/win;

4. There is server power; home appliance industry (washing machine, soymilk, blender; coffee machine, smart toilet), communication power, electric vehicle industry experience can be preferred.

Job requirements:

1. Skilled in using office software Power Point and Excel;

2. Drivers with a driver's license and skilled drivers are preferred;

3. Some positions work in Taizhou, Zhejiang.

Interested parties please send your resume to: hr@liownsemi.com Please indicate in the email that you are applying for XX position

Product manager Shenzhen Full-time specialist and above Over 3 years Recruit several people 2019-05-24 >

Job responsibilities:

1. Ability to recommend suitable devices according to customer's product testing requirements; Assist sales personnel to promote products; Responsible for product design in/win;

2. More than three years working experience in power semiconductor MOSET and thyristor (Thyristor Triac) FAE; there is a background of R&D engineers or R&D engineers who are willing to join the FAE team for priority;

3. Have project management experience, plan and plan overall;

4. Some positions work in Taizhou, Zhejiang.

Job requirements:

1. Full-time specialist and above;

2. Electronic technology, semiconductor, electrical automation, motor control, automotive engineering and other related majors;

3. There are server power supply, home appliance industry (washing machine, soya-bean milk machine, blender; coffee machine, smart toilet), communication power, electric vehicle industry experience can be preferred;

4. Proficiency in office software Power Point and Excel;

5. Have a rigorous work style and a proactive work attitude;

6. Drivers and skilled drivers are preferred.

Interested parties please send your resume to: hr@liownsemi.com Please indicate in the email that you are applying for XX position

Technical sales engineer Shenzhen Full-time specialist and above Over 3 years Recruit several people 2019-05-24 >

Job responsibilities:

1. Customer development, new product promotion in the region, and completion of sales task indicators;

2. Collection of market information in the region and analysis of competitors;

3. Develop a sales plan and visit customers and develop new customers as planned;

4. Maintain customer relationships and do daily communication with customers;

5. Assist the higher level to formulate and implement various sales, research, and publicity plans, and prepare relevant reports.

Job requirements:

1. Majors in electronics, semiconductor, electrical automation, motor control, automotive engineering, etc.;

2. Have electronic and power industry, more than two years of sales or technical service related work experience, with better FAE background;

3. Familiar with power semiconductor electronic components such as thyristor, MOS, silicon carbide, etc.;

4. There is server power; home appliance industry (washing machine, soya-bean milk machine, blender; coffee machine, smart toilet), communication power, electric vehicle industry, experience can be preferred;

5. Skilled in using the office software Power Point and Excel;

6. Drivers and skilled drivers are preferred.

Interested parties please send your resume to: hr@liownsemi.com Please indicate in the email that you are applying for XX position

Administrative Assistant Shenzhen/Zhejiang Full-time specialist and above Over 3 years Recruit 2 people 2019-05-24 >

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist in the production of related forms, PPT and data statistics;

2. Assist in personnel recruitment;

3. Responsible for the pre-conference arrangement and meeting minutes, after the meeting to do the meeting finishing and summary;

4. Completion of other administrative tasks;

5. Complete other daily affairs that the superior has explained and assist the department in doing auxiliary work.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, the electronics major is preferred, with more than three years of experience;

2. Experience in the semiconductor industry is preferred, and PMA work experience is preferred;

3. Careful, serious, responsible, good writing skills, good communication and coordination, and language organization;

4. Skilled in using office software (Excel Power Point);

5. Has strong resistance to stress, proactive, motivated and team-oriented.

Interested parties please send your resume to: hr@liownsemi.com Please indicate in the email that you are applying for XX position

Minister of quality Taizhou, Zhejiang Full-time undergraduate and above Over 3 years Recruit 1 person 2019-05-24 >

Job responsibilities:

Quality control

1. The quality department head and above positions of the semiconductor chip producing triode products, thyristor products, MOSFET and other product lines with more than 5 years of work experience;

2. Familiar with the main process flow of diffusion, wet method, dry etching, lithography, coating, packaging, testing, etc.

Job requirements:

1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above, major in semiconductor physics, microelectronics, automation and related fields;

2. Have good communication skills and be proficient in software such as word/excel/ppt;

3. It has a good ability to control production line quality management, product risk control and teamwork spirit, and cooperates with various department heads to ensure stable operation of production line products.

Interested parties please send your resume to: hr@liownsemi.com Please indicate in the email that you are applying for XX position

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